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The creation of an intangible investment subsidiary or investment holding company (IHC) in Nevada or Delaware can potentially result in significant state corporate income tax savings. KeyState has a long history of establishing investment subsidiaries for corporate entities. 

Below are examples of income and intangibles, which are not taxable in Nevada or Delaware*


• Fees
• Royalties 
• Interest  
• Capital gains
• Dividends  
• Other passive income


• Licenses 
• Copyrights  
• Trademarks 
• Accounts receivable
• Stock and bond portfolio
• Loans
• Inter-company notes



• 24 years of experience creating and managing subsidiaries and investment holding companies
• Superior service

* Nevada does not have a corporate income tax and Delaware law provides an exemption from corporate taxation for a Delaware investment corporation that qualifies under Section 1902(b)(8) of the Delaware Code. Persons interested in the potential tax benefits of domiciling an entity in Nevada or Delaware are advised to consult with their legal and tax advisers.

KeyState Corporate Management makes no representations as to the effectiveness of any particular tax strategy.


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