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Nevada Margin Tax Defeated By Over 78%

LAS VEGAS, NV (November 5, 2014) The Nevada Margin Tax, known as Question 3, was decisively defeated by Nevada voters in Tuesday's election. The statewide ballot question was opposed by every major business and industry group as well as the Culinary and AFL/CIO unions. All early indications pointed to the measure's failure and the tax was defeated by a 78.8% margin. Nevada's Margin Tax ballot question would have imposed a 2% tax on adjusted gross revenue on businesses with over a million dollars in gross revenue.

KeyState and a large number of business coalition partners spent the past three years highly involved in the eventual defeat of the Margin Tax. KeyState played a large role in the well-funded and highly coordinated effort to educate Nevada voters on the negative implications of the measure.

Nevada has a long and proud history as a tax friendly state and was recently named the third most competitive state for business taxes by The Tax Foundation in its "2015 State Business Tax Climate Index". KeyState Chief Executive Officer Josh Miller responded to the measure’s defeat, "This was the outcome we worked hard to achieve. Nevada voters are proud of our states pro-business climate and we expect Nevada's tax structure to continue to be one of the most competitive and advantageous in the nation."