KeyState Announces Adherence to SIIA Captive Manager Code of Conduct



KeyState Captive Management, LLC
Announces Adherence to
SIIA Captive Manager Code of Conduct

February 1, 2019 – The KeyState Captive Management is pleased to announce its adherence to the recently issued Captive Manager Code of Conduct (‘Code’) developed by the Self-Insurance Institute of America (‘SIIA’).

The SIIA Code of Conduct was developed by a diverse group of industry participants for the purpose of establishing an understandable and concise set of practices that could be used to differentiate ‘best in class’ captive managers. The purpose of the Code is to provide guidance to captive managers in the conduct of their captive insurance and reinsurance business, while simultaneously educating and protecting current and potential clients. Among other things, the Code outlines practices related to:
• Integrity
• Conflict of Interest
• Confidentiality
• Advertising
• Practice Management

Captive insurance companies, such as those used by KeyState clients, have been successfully utilized by employers, large and small, as a means to address risk management needs. As a captive manager, we believe the quality, understanding, experience and integrity of our work plays an integral role in our continued success.

“KeyState was pleased to be a part of the process as SIIA and members of the captive industry developed the SIIA Code of Conduct. The Code lays out principals and practices that KeyState has always observed and promoted. Having them formalized will help the industry grow and evolve in a responsible manner.”

As a SIIA member, Key State is committed to adhering to the Code, and ensuring the continuance and strengthening of ethical practices across the industry.

The full set of SIIA’s Captive Manager Code of Conduct may be found HERE

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